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Family Law
Separation Agreements
Child Custody
Premarital Agreements
Domestic Violence
Cohabitation Agreements
Domestic Partnerships
Domestic Relations
Domestic TortsInternational Family Law
Legal Separation Agreements
Marital Agreements
Marital Property Law
Matrimonial Law

E Susin Gabinete Jurídico Internacional is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs. The firm’s many practice areas include Family law, Child custody, Child abduction cases, Matrimonial laa, international family law, Cohabitation agreements.

The firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional legal representation our clients expect and deserve. You see, we never forget that the outcome of every case we handle is a measure of our skills and abilities. Our reputation is on the line every time, and we pledge to represent every client in the most effective way. E Susín Gabinete Jurídic International draws upon a wealth of experience and offers strategic guidance that helps minimize our clients’ risk. Based upon our experience, we recognize that each has unique issues which affect their risk and litigation strategy. When risk cannot be avoided, we provide highly-skilled litigation defense, enhanced by exceptional appellate advocacy.